3D Firework Bear

7.5 x 3.5 in

Bluetooth speaker and USB Plug-In

7 Color Fade or Choose your favorite color.


Product Details

Introducing our 3D Fireworks Bear Night Light, a captivating and versatile addition to your living space. This lamp seamlessly combines innovative design with advanced technology, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere in any room. The lamp's unique 3D patterned glass lampshade, complemented by an environmentally friendly ABS anti-wood grain bottom, produces a mesmerizing fireworks effect when illuminated. With 7 vibrant colors, the 3D fireworks lights can automatically cycle through colors or be manually adjusted, providing a dazzling display that enhances the surrounding environment.

The perfect blend of warm and RGB mixed light adds an extra touch of magic to your space. Choose from warm light, white light, and natural light with the 3-color bear lights, offering more brightness adjustment compared to the 7-color version. Serving multiple purposes, including auxiliary lighting, ambient decoration, and a small night light, this lamp is both versatile and convenient.

Powered by a 5V USB connection with a 1.5-meter wire, the lamp features step-less dimming and an easy-to-use manual switch for personalized color adjustments. With CE certification for quality assurance, this lamp is available in both 3-color and 7-color options, ensuring a perfect fit for your preferences. For any queries, our customer service is ready to provide prompt assistance. Enhance your living space with the enchanting 3D Fireworks Bear Night Light – a perfect blend of artistry and functionality.

10 reviews for 3D Firework Bear

  1. Durante Sciara

  2. Rudolf Kirsch

  3. Kemberly Roza

  4. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Delivered quickly and I love this product!

  5. Andrea Xiong

    I bought two, but I put them all at home for a gift.
    I gave it to you. I’m pretty.
    It’s USB power, so even if you keep it on, it’s less electricity.
    When you see it at night, it’s even more light.

  6. Jannette Wilmes

    Prey buyers who are reading this, just buy it. Don’t be too much.

  7. Shante Dezern

  8. Isadora Heer

  9. Kawano Tanyu

    Very beautiful, 10 days delivery, my son loves this night light

  10. Yuvraj Wolf

    My girlfriend likes this gift very much, I am very grateful to this seller

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